Saturday, June 30, 2012

More From Conner's Birth Weekend....

We had so much fun the weekend of Conner's birthday up in DFW. We had a lot of fun playing with the kiddos when we were not up at the hospital with our sweet new nephew.

We gave Easter presents a week early b.c we knew we would not be together for Easter this year. It is always so fun to watch the cousins open presents. I just love it. :) They are so cute.

Graeme and Lainey checking out their loot....
Cory and Jenn had just purchased a new home....literally signed the papers the week of Conner's birth. We were so excited to be able to get the incredible home tour while we were there. The house is beautiful and I am so happy for them. :)
Cory is ready to take us around and give us the wonderful tour... :)
It actually turned out that Braden and Lainey decided they wanted to give me the tour....they were so cute. :) They were running all over the place and posing for pics. :) They did some work to the house before they moved in. They painted all of these fun walls a beautiful blue in the study and all of the cabinets the kitchen too. It looks so great!They have this super fun wine cellar.....which I am sure will be fun for Lainey to lock Graeme in over time! LOL! :) I love their is so great. It makes me want to cook. :)Braden is really wanting to be in pics at this point. :) He was loving the outdoor kitchen and fireplace, etc. He wanted to show me the living room next...
And then Uncle Cory and Aunt Jennifer's bedroom b.c it had such a cool ceiling. :)
Braden thought I needed to see the closet with a window. :)
This bathrooom has a shower that I dream about! LOL! :) The house has so many fun rooms and such great space. It is absolutely perfect for a family of five. :) The media room which is so nice and dark...and perfect for us to sleep in. Love it! :) Lainey and Braden taking me into the gameroom and bar and all of the fun rooms upstairs...especially the secret one off to the right. :) They love being together! :) I know they are going to make a ton of memories in this new house. :) On the way out of town we headed over to Chris's sister Katie's house....and played with some more cousins and grandparents. :) WOO HOOO!Braden was in hog heaven with all of the playdough....
Riley had to open all of her Easter presents. :) Miss Riley... Riley and Jace.....Smiley cute. And a smiley little girl... :) Time for bubbles....although not sure why he is not smiling. :)Cannot wait for more fun in DFW over the next couple of months! :)

Another Precious Nephew...

We were blessed with another precious nephew on March 30th, 2012, and he is the most precious thing!! Sweet baby Conner Roe came into this world early that afternoon, and he immediately stole everyone's hearts. :) Even today at 3 months, he is still doing that! :) I could snuggle him forever. :) So thankful for another baby in our family...and for another little boy for Braden, Brant, and Graeme to play with. :) LOVE IT!

My beautiful sister in law and her gorgeous little man. :)
Love you Conner man! :)
3 of the 5 members of the family....
What lucky parents Conner has! :) Popple meets his new grandson.... The boys had to wear their "I love my cousin" shirts in honor of Conner's birth.
All Lainey and Braden wanted to do was get up on the bed with Jen and Conner.
I REALLY do love my new cousin!! Big sis Lainey.... I love my new cousin too!! Big brother Graeme..... First family of five shot....with at least 2 family members looking! :) I am a little puzzled as to why Mom is STILL taking pictures. :)
BCB x 2 in our family... :) Mimi meets her newest grandbaby.... Time for us to hold our brother and cousin.... Time for Uncle Chris to meet Conner...And finally I get to hold my sweet nephew! :)